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"I've worked with a lot of realtors and business people over the years and Marty goes way above and beyond what others have done or what was even expected! Marty was on top of everything. He is proactive and completely customer service oriented. His knowledge of commercial real estate and the ability to get all of the components done that are needed is exceptional. He took the initiative to set up meetings with the City to get approval for the building; identified and presented a variety of sites that fit my needs; did a lot of the homework that would have typically fallen on my shoulders - all the while communicating with me at all times of the day and night, weekday and weekend. He answered all of my questions with genuine care and connected me with experts that I needed.

It was an extremely fast process from my initial contact with Marty, site search, property visits, review and recommendation of properties to closing on the unique East Bethel property that we purchased for our business. We had to spend a month with City planning and zoning meetings to get City approval on building plans, which Marty assisted the entire way including water run-off and septic system issues. He jumped through hoops and even gained maximum time to get a 1031 exchange which Marty also helped facilitate. He has impeccable follow-through, follow-up, and communication acumen. Everything that needed to be done, Marty knew how to do it and got it done for us. 

I highly recommend Marty if you're in the market to buy or sell property."

- Skip Torgerson, Torgersons