Are you considering buying or leasing commercial real estate? Understand what's best when buying vs. leasing a building. 

#1 All-Time Low Prices
- 45% - 50% less than their highs 2-3 years ago

#2 Extra Incentives from Banks
- Bank-foreclosed properties are still available w/banks willing to give extra incentives to get "properties off their books" & release precious reserves

#3 Low Interest Rates
- Rates have fallen providing buyers w/historically low payments
- The SBA is offering 20 year FIXED rates at 4.279%

#4 Lease Rates are Increasing
- It is predicted that as the economy heats up, the demand for Leased space will increase thereby increasing lease rates & increasing your overhead

#5 Exceptional Buying Opportunities w/Good Potential Returns
- While no one really knows if commercial pricing has hit bottom, there are very good buys and good potential returns (by historical standards)

Posted: October 2012