This October after the government reopened, SBA 504 loan Interest rates took a tick down from September and are still below market rates for 10 and 20-year fixed rate loans. This is a perfect time to dispel any lingering misconception that an SBA loan is slow and more work than conventional financing (it may have been true 10 years ago, but not anymore!). In fact, the SBA streamlined the loan application, approval, and closing processes with great success. There is no excess paperwork, and approvals are fast with no inconvenience to the borrower. SBA 504 loans are ideal for commercial real estate and other fixed assets.

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Need Financing for Your Projects?

You may want to consider an SBA 504 loan. Eligible SBA 504 Loan Project Costs Include:

Land; Site Improvements; Facility: Acquisition, Conversion, Expansion, Renovation, New Construction; Machinery and Equipment: Acquisition and Installation

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You have many options for financing commercial loans from traditional lending insitutions as well as SBA 504 loans from certified development companys (CDCs). If you don't have your own bank, Premier Commercial Properties can help you determine the best financing opportunties for your project. We work with many lenders in Minnesota.

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