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“I Would Definitely Recommend Bradee”: A Testimonial from an Office Space Seller

As someone new to the commercial real estate sales process, a Fridley office space owner didn’t know what to expect. That’s why she was so grateful to have Bradee Thompson of Premier Commercial Properties in her corner.

Finding a Buyer for a Small Office Space in the North Metro

Donna Loushin owned an office perfect for a one- or two-person team in a well-maintained building in Fridley, Minnesota. The suite was close to the freeway and other businesses. After trying to sell the office space for months with no responses, Ms. Loushin thought that was just how the commercial real estate market worked.

Then, she called Bradee Thompson, a commercial real estate advisor on the Premier Commercial Properties team. Bradee took the time to answer all of Ms. Loushin’s questions and explain the real estate process. She appreciated Bradee’s supportive approach, but she still thought it would take many months to find a buyer for her property.

With Bradee’s hard work, Ms. Loushin sold her office space in less than three months. Ms. Loushin was shocked at how fast and smoothly the process went with Bradee’s guidance and expertise. 

“I Never Felt Like My Questions Were Stupid.”

While Ms. Loushin was grateful for Bradee’s understanding of the commercial real estate market and process, what impressed her most was his demeanor and approach. When asked about her experience working Bradee, Ms. Loushin said he was thoughtful, caring, and patient. He constantly kept her informed through the entire process, and she never had to track Bradee down to get updates on the sale of her property. She never felt like any of her questions were stupid, and Bradee always took the time to answer them thoroughly.

Ms. Loushin would absolutely recommend Bradee to other property owners, especially people who have never bought or sold a commercial property before.

Working with Bradee is easy. Email or call him at (612) 355-0750.

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