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“Mike’s a Guy You Can Trust”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Tenant in His Own Words

The Premier Commercial Properties team works with all sorts of businesses that require all different sorts of properties, from office space to manufacturing floors to auto body shops. When James Schaak needed shop space for his growing landscaping business, he reached out to a name he recognized from a few of his commercial landscaping clients: Mike Fisher. Here’s Mr. Schaak’s experience working with Mike, told in his own words.

Searching on His Own and Losing Hope

“A few years ago, I was running my lawn care business out of my home. I wanted to separate my business from my home, so I began to look at places to rent online. During my search, I began to lose hope that I would find a suitable location within my budget and my service area.

“Then, I remembered our lawn business services a couple of locations that Mike Fisher managed. I thought he might be a valuable resource, and I gave him a call. After discussing exactly what I was looking for, he called me back soon after, saying he may have found a great location to check out.

“Mike was right! The property was a great-sized shop large enough to run my business from. It also had a few things that were on my wish list but were not necessities, such as a bathroom, floor drain for washing equipment, and heated shop space.”

Guidance through the Leasing Process

“I told Mike I wanted to check it out ASAP, so he reached out to the listing agent and set up a date. We all met at the shop and did a walkthrough. After the listing agent left, Mike and I were able to speak privately. I had never rented before, so he thoroughly explained the process to me and made sure to answer any questions I had.

“After reading through the lease agreement, Mike said we now had to give the property owner a letter of intent. We gave them a letter of intent asking for a rate lower than they wanted as well as asking for a 1-year contract rather than a 2-year contract. The listing agent countered back at our offered monthly rate and a 2-year contract. I figured since they were willing to negotiate with me on the price, I could be flexible on the leasing duration terms. I said I wanted the property, and I met Mike at their office to sign the papers. As an extra bonus, Mike was able to get me into my shop a few weeks earlier than anticipated at no additional charge.” 

“He’s a Guy You Can Trust”

“I would highly recommend Mike Fisher to everyone. He is young, but don’t let that fool you. He is very professional and knowledgeable in his field of business. During this entire process, Mike was always up-to-date with new info and current market values. Mike was very prompt to respond to any question I asked. You can tell he’s a guy you can trust to give you good advice.” 

Working with Mike is easy. Email or call him at (763) 486-8247.

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