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“We’ve Already Recommended Him!”: A Testimonial from an Industrial Landlord

When it was time to find new tenants for his industrial office warehouse, Andy Biggs got in touch with Premier Commercial Properties to work with Bradee Thompson. In just a few weeks, Bradee had secured two tenants for the industrial property in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

Finding the Right Tenants for the Property

Mr. Biggs had recently built an industrial office warehouse to house his construction company. The building had space for three industrial tenants. To be eligible for the lease, tenants had to fit the conditional use permit on the property. While Mr. Biggs had found one tenant on his own, after a months-long search, he struggled to fill the remaining two suites.

That’s when he gave Bradee Thompson at Premier a call. After learning about the type of tenants the building required, Bradee went on the hunt. In just a few weeks, Bradee had secured two tenants for the remaining space. Both were specialty contractors that fit the requirements of the conditional use permit. What’s more, they provided opportunities for collaboration on future construction projects.

“We’ve Already Recommended Him!”

Mr. Biggs was impressed with the speed at which Bradee found and placed tenants, as well as his professionalism and strong communication. “It was seamless working with him,” Mr. Biggs explained. “He was helpful, knowledgeable, and we’ve already recommended him! We’d definitely work with Bradee again.”

Working with Bradee is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 355-0750.

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