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“Marty Doesn’t Let Things Slide”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Land Seller

Mark Montgomery and Vicki Lundgren had been trying to sell their 46-acre site for years. They had tried to combine two separate parcels into one lot for an easier sale, but was getting pushback from the city. When they called Marty Fisher, co-founder of Premier Commercial Properties, they were finally able to combine the lots and sell the parcel.

A Sprawling Site Zoned for Commercial Use

Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Lundgren owned a sizeable piece of raw land in Elk River, close to Highway 10 and a perfect spot for a contractor yard or heavy equipment storage. The site was split into two sections—a front lot that was used for pipe storage and an undeveloped back lot.

Over the course of 20 years, Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Lundgren had first bought the front 20 acres, then added the back 20 acres with the intent to combine the lots. But they had faced pushback from the city on that idea. For years, they had tried to sell the lots separately, to no avail. 

The owners decided to call Marty Fisher, co-founder and partner of Premier Commercial Properties. They had worked with Marty before on the sale of a property in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. With years of experience negotiating commercial real estate deals and working with cities, Marty took the pressure off the owners and was able to list the property for sale as a single, 46-acre site with opportunities to subdivide if desired.  

With Marty’s hard work, Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Lundgren sold their commercial land to a national firm for $3.3 million after just nine months.

“Marty’s Good at What He Does, and We Appreciate What He Does.”

With all of the moving parts in this transaction, Ms. Lundgren was grateful for Marty’s patience, perseverance, and expertise. “Marty doesn’t let things slide. He’s persistent,” she shared. “I think a lot of Marty. He’s good at what he does, and we appreciate what he does.” By leading with his wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and persistence, the owners were grateful that Marty was able to shepherd the sale of their property through to close. 

Ms. Lundgren would absolutely recommend Marty to other property owners, especially those who have had difficulty selling in the past.

Working with Marty is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 708-2873.

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