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“The Big Brands Don’t Stack Up to Marty”: A Testimonial from a Daycare Property Seller

As an out-of-state property owner, Ken Friedman knew he had to find a local commercial real estate expert to help him sell his daycare property. After doing his research and interviewing candidates, Premier Commercial Properties’ Marty Fisher came out on top.

Why Lease Out a Daycare Property When You Can Sell?

Situated adjacent to multiple subdivisions in Andover, Minnesota, Mr. Friedman’s daycare property was in the perfect spot. But finding a tenant for a daycare requires more than just a good location. Mr. Friedman knew he needed a local realtor with expertise and experience in working with daycares. Marty fit the bill.

Since Mr. Friedman is based in Wisconsin, he and Marty walked through the daycare property virtually. After discussing the lease terms, Marty had a potential tenant lined up before he even listed the property. While this tenant did not work out, Marty flexed his large network to bring in other qualified tenants. Despite several good candidates, the right tenant didn’t appear before the daycare leasing season ended.

Mr. Friedman had to make a decision: Did he want to spend several months making tenant improvements to bring the daycare property back on the market, or did he want to sell? Shortly after he and Marty discussed Mr. Friedman’s options, Marty had someone who was interested in purchasing the property. That made the decision to sell that much easier. After a hassle-free negotiation, Mr. Friedman and the buyers closed on the daycare property.

“The Big Brands Don’t Stack Up to Marty”

From his first interview with Marty, Mr. Friedman was impressed with Marty’s local knowledge, daycare experience, and consultative approach. He describes Marty as a business-oriented professional who gets the job done. Marty was responsive, communicative, and proactive in working his network to find potential tenants and buyers. Plus, Marty was able to offer recommendations to local contractors Mr. Friedman could trust, which was important to him as an out-of-town seller.

Mr. Friedman says Marty is easily the most proactive, communicative, energetic, connected, and detail-oriented commercial realtor he’s worked with. “I’ve worked with big commercial real estate brands across the nation,” he explains, “and none of them stack up to Marty. It’s hard to improve on what Marty offers. If he were a wine, he’d be a ’95.”

Working with Marty is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 708-2873.

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