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Selling Church Property & Finding New Home

Pastor Carlos and his wife, Adriana Climaco were in need of selling their 2,300 sf building that had been home to Mision Cristiana Bethel Church and a 200-member congregation since 2010. They had purchased the former retail/office building in Fridley, MN and transformed it into a thriving church in the community.

There was a need for Hispanic worship services in the area and they fulfilled that need for seven years until the church had outgrown the space.

The search for a larger building, either an existing church that was move-in ready or a commercial building that could be remodeled, wasn’t their only goal. They were also hoping for a smooth and quick transition to continue to serve their growing congregation. “Quick transactions” – relatively speaking, aren’t typical in commercial real estate because of the time to market, attract, negotiate, plus get through bank financing and title processes. The banker estimated about 8-12 months to complete the sale.

Selling the Church. First Things First.

To ease financing for a larger building, they were hoping to sell the Fridley property quickly. Although other commercial real estate agents were considered to represent the sale of Mision Cristian Bethel, they called Marty Fisher after seeing a site sign at another property. Adriana says, “It was important to us that we felt trust in the realtor.” She recalls talking to Marty, “He came across very straightforward. He walked us through the process and explained everything upfront even potential issues to ensure we had realistic expectations. The way he spoke to us, made us feel confident in his expertise and experience. He treated us with respect and true consideration – he showed true integrity and didn’t change throughout the entire process.”

They asked Marty to provide a property valuation on the Fridley church. Along with the appraisal, Marty provided reasons supporting the valuation based on the condition, location, and other factors, which were ultimately used to establish the sale price of the property. “He never made us feel pressured to make a decision. His patience was appreciated,” says Pastor Carlos and Adriana.

Beating the Odds. Church Sold in Just Two Months.

After the valuation, the Climacos hired Marty and Premier Commercial Properties to list the property. Understanding the desire and need to expedite, Marty quickly began marketing and promoting the Fridley building. It sold within just two months! The Climacos were ecstatic.

Finding a New Home

With the Fridley property sold, the Climacos pursued another quick goal – finding the perfect building for the new church. After looking at fifteen properties including three churches, a former American Legion, a thrift store, and a hardware store, they narrowed their options down to 3 – one being the former American Legion that Marty had shown them as a viable property for a remodel. Ultimately, they put an offer on an existing, move-in ready 23,000 sf church in Coon Rapids that their long-time friend, Pastor Ross of Christ Life Church had suggested.

Throughout the search process, during the offer and purchase of the Coon Rapids church, they asked Marty for guidance and expertise including his opinion on the property, the offer price, and other logistics. “He was always very helpful and gave us valuable, reliable information that was extremely helpful.”

The “New” Mision Cristiana Bethel Church in Coon Rapids

It took just 4 months from the time they contacted Marty to sell a building, search for a new church and move into the new space. “A perfect building,” they say an answer to their prayers, “We give glory to God.” The church is ideal for their growing congregation, services, and programs with capacity for 502, 2 sanctuaries with cathedral ceilings, a community room, 19 classrooms, commercial kitchen, coatroom, storage, reception/welcome area, 2 offices, ample parking, and even a playground.”

Growing a Vision

From the original twelve members gathering in a basement to a shared space with Christ Life Church in Columbia Heights with almost 110 members, to the transformed church in Fridley with 200 members, Pastor and Adriana Climaco have had a vision for serving and providing a place of worship that can continue to give back to not only their members but also be a part of the surrounding community, which is evident as they continue the Coon Rapids church Family Table tradition – a meal provided to about 75 residents in the nearby Coon Rapids neighborhood. They are welcoming members from not only Fridley, but also from as far as Apple Valley, Minneapolis, and Monticello. They look forward to growing to capacity at the new Mision Cristiana Bethel Church!

More About Mision Cristiana Bethel – Coon Rapids

2135 Northdale Boulevard NW, Coon Rapids, MN
Services in Spanish
Family Table
To learn more about Mision Cristiana Bethel, visit:

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