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“We Were Picky, But Mike Persevered”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Tenant

The Premier Commercial Properties team works with all sorts of businesses, from retail stores to industrial shops. When Brian and Brenda were looking for a new location for their machine shop, they took a look at the Premier Commercial Properties website. That’s when they met leasing agent Mike Fisher.  

Moving on a Time Crunch

Not only did Brian and Brenda need to find new shop space, they needed to do so quickly. They had invested in some new equipment and did not have room to grow in their current space. Even more pressing, their building was slated for demolition in just a few months.

To start their search, Brian and Brenda checked out a few properties online. They found a potential new location on the Premier Commercial Properties website. When they requested a showing, Mike Fisher responded.

Finding the Perfect New Machine Shop

While that first property was not a perfect fit, Mike was not deterred. Soon, he had three more properties lined up for Brian and Brenda to tour. While these properties had some good points, none included electricity in the terms of the lease or had the updates that would give the business room to grow.

Instead of getting discouraged, however, Mike, Brian and Brenda persevered. A couple of weeks later, Mike called up Brian and Brenda with another property for them to tour. It was in St. Michael, close to the border with Rogers, which was the perfect location. The space was large and had updates that could accommodate the new machine and allow for future expansion. While this property did not initially include electricity, Mike was able to negotiate it into the lease after speaking with the building owner and the city.

“Mike Worked Hard”

When thinking back on her experience working with Mike, Brenda was impressed with how he never gave up on his quest to find them the perfect property. He met them in the morning and in the evening to work around their work schedules, and answered all of their questions. “Mike worked hard to find us the right space,” she says. “Our experience with him was very positive, and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking to lease space.”

Working with Mike is easy because he gets it done. Email or call him at (763) 486-8247.

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