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“We’d Absolutely Recommend Bradee”: A Testimonial from an Office/Warehouse Property Buyer

When Tim Libertini and his team were on the hunt for a new office/warehouse property to expand their wall panel product line in Forest Lake, Minnesota, they got in touch with Premier Commercial Properties commercial real estate advisor Bradee Thompson.   

Finding Bare Bones Office/Warehouse Property in Forest Lake

Mr. Libertini and his company were looking for a shop where they could expand their wall panel manufacturing product line. They didn’t need any bells and whistles, but they did need to find a facility large enough to house wall panels. Their new building also needed a loading dock to make it easy to transport the panels to their final destinations.

After getting in touch with Bradee, the team toured a promising listing in Forest Lake, Minnesota. After the team discussed the property internally, Mr. Libertini let Bradee know they were interested in moving forward with the purchase. With Bradee’s guidance and attention, the negotiation and environmental review progressed smoothly. In just a few short months, the company was able to move into their new building. They even started looking for a tenant for the square footage they weren’t using.

“We’d Absolutely Recommend Bradee”

Mr. Libertini was impressed with Bradee’s excellent communication skills and dedication to their real estate deal. It was clear that Bradee wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible for Mr. Libertini and his team.

“We’d absolutely recommend Bradee to anyone looking for property, and would be happy to be a reference for him,” Mr. Libertini said. “Our experience with Bradee was great. We look forward to working with him again.”

Working with Bradee is easy. Email or call him at (612) 355-0750.

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