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“Marty’s a Straight Shooter”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Tenant

When John Krause’s landlord put his office building up for sale, Mr. Krause knew it was a matter of time before he needed to find a new home for his metal fabrication and machine shop sales business. Because he had a good relationship with his landlord, Mr. Krause wanted to offer him a quick exit once a new owner was found. To start the search for a new space, Mr. Krause got in touch with his landlord’s real estate broker, Premier Commercial Properties’ Marty Fisher

Searching for Space in a Time Crunch

Mr. Krause’s forward thinking paid off once a buyer was under contract. The buyer completed their due diligence early, which accelerated the sale timeline. It became a priority to find a new home for Mr. Krause’s business.

After two months of searching, the north metro area’s low inventory of commercial space proved to be a challenge. Marty turned to his vast network of landlords to find an available space that hadn’t been listed yet. He found a potential property and scheduled a tour for Mr. Krause and his team. It turned out to be a good fit and available for a good rate. Marty was a diligent professional throughout the lease negotiation process and constantly communicated with Mr. Krause with updates.

“Marty’s a Straight Shooter.”

Mr. Krause appreciated Marty’s open and honest communication. “Marty’s a straight shooter,” he said. “He eliminated any worry or self-induced anxiety I had throughout the process. I’d absolutely refer others to him.”

Working with Marty is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 708-2873.

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