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“The Master of Commercial Property”: A Testimonial from a Towing Company Tenant

Finding a property for a towing company can be a tall order. Fortunately for towing business owner Alex Peterson, Premier Commercial Properties’ Rich Lee specializes in finding properties for tricky businesses and working with city managers to find solutions for his customers.   

Overcoming NIMBY in the Northern Suburbs

After spending 14 months looking for a place for his towing business with two different commercial realtors, Mr. Peterson was ready to throw in the towel. Finding a property for a towing company can be tricky, since many towns do not want trucks and repossessed vehicles being stored within their borders. Overcoming the “Not In My BackYard” mentality and finding a property with the proper zoning was proving difficult.  

That’s when Mr. Peterson called Rich Lee. After just six hours, Rich found a property that was zoned properly and within 5 miles of Mr. Peterson’s target area. When Mr. Peterson needed to meet with the city to finalize the deal, Rich was at city hall to support him through the process. Since this was his first time meeting with city administrators, Mr. Peterson was grateful for the help.

“The Master of Commercial Property”

Since working with Rich on this first property, Mr. Peterson has partnered with Rich on several others and referred others to work with him. Mr. Peterson is impressed with Rich’s professionalism and expertise from top to bottom, especially his communication skills and the willingness to go the extra mile when needed. “I’ve never dealt with a real estate agent where I never have to follow up with them,” says Mr. Peterson. “Rich was always on top of it. He’s the master of commercial property.”

Working with Rich is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 718-9919.

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