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“I’ll Be Grateful Forever”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Property Seller

When he ran into snags with a commercial deal that had gone south, Gudata Hinika turned to a friend for a referral to a reliable commercial real estate agent who could get results. After interviewing Marty Fisher, co-founder of Premier Commercial Properties, Mr. Hinika knew he had found the realtor who could right the ship.

A Sprawling Commercial Property with Potential

Mr. Hinika was trying to sell a sprawling commercial property with great visibility along University Avenue. The property had something for everyone—a restaurant, shopping area, apartment units, and a daycare center.

Mr. Hinika had bought the property with the understanding that he would be able to sell the property quickly to a buyer who was already lined up, but that deal did not end up working out. He needed to find a reliable, knowledgeable realtor who would work tirelessly until a new buyer had been found.

A resident of Los Angeles, California, Mr. Hinika asked his friends in Minnesota for a referral to a local commercial real estate agent. One of them spoke highly of Marty, so Mr. Hinika reached out, and soon, Marty become Mr. Hinika’s point person in the Twin Cities.

“I’ll Be Grateful Forever.”

From their very first conversation to the close of the property in just over a month, Marty proved himself to be the perfect choice for Mr. Hinika. Marty listed the property and kept Mr. Hinika informed at every step in the process, holding people accountable for following through during showings and negotiations. With his oversight, Mr. Hinika’s property sold in just over a month, a process that could have taken much longer in less capable hands.

“No wonder my friend thought so highly of Marty,” Mr. Hinika shared. “He’s a wonderful person, a man of few words, who underpromises and overdelivers. I’ll be grateful forever to Marty.”

Working with Marty is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 708-2873.

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