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“Marty’s a Go-Getter”: A Testimonial from an Oak Grove Land Seller

After years of waiting for the city of Oak Grove to lift a moratorium on sewer projects, Rob Burman was ready to sell the family farm. After dividing the land between a homestead property, a 25-acre residential parcel, and two industrial parcels, it was time to find a commercial real estate broker with the experience, expertise, and patience to navigate multiple transactions. Mr. Burman knew Premier Commercial Properties’ Marty Fisher was the local commercial property expert, so he gave Marty a call.   

A Commercial Real Estate Challenge

The Burman property presented an exciting challenge for Marty. First, the homestead needed to sell so an easement could be established between it and the 25-acre residential parcel. A buyer put in an offer and arranged financing. However, a title check uncovered a glitch in ownership that nearly derailed the sale. Marty patiently waited for the real estate attorneys to find a solution, and a few months later, the transaction went through. This gave Marty the green light to market the residential and industrial parcels.

Marty performed his market research and set attractive, reasonable prices for the parcels. Soon, he found a developer to purchase the residential parcel. After arranging a trucking repair buyer for the industrial parcels, neighbors raised concerns with the city over noise, and the deal fell through. Undeterred, Marty continued to market the parcels and found a furniture maker interested in the properties. This deal went forward to close.   

“Marty’s a Go-Getter.”

After two complicated and often stressful years, with Marty’s help, Mr. Burman closed on all of the parcels. Mr. Burman and his fellow trustees greatly appreciated Marty’s patience, experience, and responsiveness. “Marty’s best quality is his patience. We really put him through the wringer!” says one trustee.

“Marty’s a go-getter,” Mr. Burman explained. “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He’s a good egg and knows what he’s doing.”  

Working with Marty is easy and effective. Email or call him at (612) 708-2873.

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