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How to Build Good Relationships with Municipalities and Counties So Commercial Real Estate Deals Go More Smoothly

A commercial real estate transaction involves many different stakeholders, including the buyer, seller, and the city and county where the property is located. Municipal and county interest in the development of commercial land adds an extra layer of complexity to a commercial real estate transaction. 

That’s why it’s important to work with a commercial real estate broker who understands the government’s role in your real estate transaction and has strong working relationships with city council members, planning commissioners, and county commissioners. Here’s what you can do to start building your own relationships with your city and county. 

Attend City Council Meetings

In many places, the city council has the final say in how commercial lots and land are developed or redeveloped. Working with your city council is a necessary step in the commercial real estate development process. By fostering good working relationships with city council members, you and your real estate agent can ensure your transaction goes smoothly. 

Start by building trust with city council members. Take the time to understand members’ policy positions, their districts, and their constituents. Attend city council meetings to meet members in person. Help them understand your business and why you hope to establish your company in their city.

Premier Commercial Properties real estate agents understand how important building relationships with city council members is to a successful real estate transaction. We maintain strong working relationships with city council members across the northern Twin Cities to keep our clients’ real estate transactions on track. 

Understand Municipal Zoning Rules 

In the north metro, cities and towns have control over zoning and planning within their borders. Most municipalities have planning and zoning commissions that work with business owners and their real estate brokers to ensure land development is aligned with the city’s economic development goals and zoning rules.

Most municipalities offer zoning and planning resources on their websites (here is the resource page for our hometown of Coon Rapids, Minnesota). Review these resources with your real estate agent so you can fulfill your city’s zoning and planning requirements and submit a thorough planning application. 

Attend Planning Commission Meetings 

Your city’s planning commission is the group that will review your land use application and decide whether or not your plans can move forward. That’s why knowing your planning commission members is so important. 

Build relationships with your planning commission members by reading their meeting minutes and attending their meetings in person. Introduce yourself and explain why you hope to build your business in their city. 

Know Your County Board of Commissioners

Like city council members, your county’s board of commissioners have an interest in how commercial lots and land are developed. Keeping the county board of commissioners informed of your intent for your commercial lot or land can help prevent complications and roadblocks in the real estate transaction process. 

Premier Commercial Properties brokers maintain strong working relationships with Anoka County commissioners and the county departments that have an interest in commercial real estate development in the region. These relationships help us better serve our clients to ensure their transactions go smoothly. 

When it’s time to choose a commercial real estate agent, look for someone who has a track record of working alongside municipal and county representatives to ensure real estate transactions move forward smoothly. The Premier Commercial Properties team has years of experience working with city councils, planning commissions, and county commissioners on behalf of their clients. To work with a trusted partner, contact Myles Borstad at 612-270-0354 today. 

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