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“If You Want It Done, Marty’s Your Guy”: A Testimonial From an Auto Body Customer

Ever done business with someone, and it goes so well that you can’t wait for an opportunity to work that person again? It doesn’t happen often. But after working with Marty not once or twice but three separate times, Dean Spiczka’s thinking of buying more property just so he has the chance to work with Premier Commercial Properties co-founder Marty Fisher again.

Partnering for a Third Commercial Real Estate Sale

When it came time to sell his auto body repair shop in Anoka County, Mr. Spiczka knew the commercial broker to call. He had worked with Marty Fisher on two previous transactions and knew he could count on Marty to provide a smooth and successful transaction.

Mr. Spiczka and Marty put the property on the market in September 2019. Marty had already lined up several qualified potential buyers to tour the property. Within two weeks, Marty and Mr. Spiczka had not one but two serious offers, which Marty was able to leverage to get the best deal possible for Mr. Spiczka. 

A Buyer Hiccup Puts Marty’s Expertise into Practice

Commercial real estate deals are complex transactions that take several months to close. During that time, it’s possible for things to come up. During Mr. Spiczka’s transaction, there was a hiccup with the buyer’s financing that threatened the deal. But Marty was able to reengage the buyer and get them back on track, even offering a backup plan to secure financing and move the transaction forward. The issue was resolved, and the property closed smoothly and on time. 

A True Professional

When asked about his experience working with Marty, Mr. Spiczka said he was a true professional and a great listener who managed every step of the transaction with ease. Nothing could have gone more smoothly, from the day the property went on the market to close. Mr. Spiczka appreciated Marty’s exceptional communication skills and his ability to avoid or mitigate any hiccups that arise during a transaction.

Mr. Spiczka would absolutely recommend Marty to other property owners, and would without question work with him again on other projects in the area. 

Working with Marty is easy. Email or call him at (612) 718-9919.

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