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“From First Call to Close in Under Nine Months”: A Testimonial from an Investment Property Buyer

Mark Cotroneo and his team were on the hunt for new office space in the North Metro area of the Twin Cities. They had started their search online, and on a whim, expressed interest in a property on the Premier Commercial Properties website. They happened to be matched with commercial real estate advisor Bradee Thompson, something Mr. Cotroneo considers a bit of good luck.   

Finding An Investment Property in the North Metro

Mr. Cotroneo and his team were moving out of their current office that they had been leasing for nearly a decade and wanted to purchase office space that was a better fit for their current needs. The company wanted to stay in the North Metro area, but was struggling to find suitable listings online. That’s when Mr. Cotroneo reached out through the Premier Commercial Properties website.      

Commercial real estate advisor Bradee Thompson was matched with Mr. Cotroneo. Bradee listened to what he and his team were looking for and scoured the market for properties that would work well. Since inventory in the North Metro was so low, Bradee used his professional connections to find properties that were not even on the listed for sale on the market. Together, Bradee and Mr. Cotroneo decided to search for an income-producing investment property that Mr. Cotroneo’s company could also call home.   

After touring a few of these unlisted properties, Mr. Cotroneo and his team settled on a property in their target area. Despite inventory being very low, the entire process, from call to close, took less than nine months. Due to Bradee’s expertise and thoroughness, there were no hiccups in the transaction process once the company’s offer was accepted. The purchase was even featured in the local media.

“He Went Out and Shook Some Trees”

Mr. Cotroneo was impressed with Bradee’s ability to find suitable properties in a very tight real estate market. He said it was nice to see properties that were not listed yet, and it was obvious that Bradee had gone out and shook some trees to find properties that would work, which the company very much appreciated.

Mr. Cotroneo said his experience working with Bradee and Premier Commercial Properties was very good. He would absolutely recommend Bradee to other buyers in the North Metro area, especially those struggling to find suitable space.

Working with Bradee is easy. Email or call him at (612) 355-0750.

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