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“Rich Always Went the Extra Mile”: A Testimonial from an Industrial Property Seller in Her Own Words

When Betty Fabbre needed to sell her industrial building, she reached out to a company recommended by her property appraiser: Premier Commercial Properties. Here’s Ms. Fabbre’s experience working with Premier’s Rich Lee, told in her own words.

Time to Sell after 20 Years

“My building had been leased out for close to twenty years, and it was time to sell. Being unfamiliar with commercial real estate sales, I asked for recommendations from the company who had done the appraisal recently. They recommended Premier Commercial Properties and after doing a little research, I gave them a call. What stood out about them initially was that they were an established business and had extensive experience with commercial sales in Anoka County and the north metro area.

“Throughout the whole process, Rich Lee covered all the bases. From his own experience, he had some ideas on who might be interested in the building and followed up on it. He discussed options with me on how best to market the building. He always followed up with potential buyers and kept me informed. He responded to all my questions and concerns in a very helpful and calm manner.

“Rich Was on Top of It”

“Rich always went the extra mile to complete the sale. When we were getting close to closing the sale we ran into a problem with the building. Rich was on top of it and helped deal with the situation and kept the buyer in the loop with information and options.

“Rich is not only very knowledgeable about the business end of commercial real estate, he knows how to deal with all the challenges and potential problems that might come up. He can offer options and solutions. And most important as the seller, he always listened carefully to my questions, ideas and concerns. When my building was SOLD, I knew I had made the best decision to work with Rich Lee and Premier Commercial Properties!

“Thank You Rich. Betty Fabbre”

Working with Rich is easy. Email or call him at (612) 718-9919.

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