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“Mike Has Spoiled Us for Life”: A Testimonial from a Commercial Property Management Client in His Own Words

The Premier Commercial Properties team works with all sorts of businesses that require all sorts of properties, from office space to manufacturing floors to auto body shops. When John Laughlin needed property management help, he reached out to Premier Commercial Properties’ Mike Fisher. Here’s Mr. Laughlin’s experience working with Mike, told in his own words.

“I’m pretty sure that Mike has spoiled us for life. If you could sit down and list out all the ideal qualities a manager would have and all the needed services they would provide, it is a list that Mike and Premier Commercial Properties would match, line-for-line.

“The last two years have been tumultuous ones for us at Bell Enterprise. The purchase, releasing, tenant relocation, and then building-out over 50 percent of the property has been an all-encompassing endeavor. Mike guided us through the entire project and didn’t miss a beat. Not only that, he participated above and beyond what was necessary. He was at many meetings where his presence was not needed, but was appreciated, and the feedback he provide was insightful.

“He keeps on top of tasks and will resolve many smaller issues on his own without needing feedback from me, as we have established guidelines for. His research is fabulous, and he will find a solution for whatever problem ails your property.

“We are so grateful to have found Mike and Premier Commercial Properties. We believe that they are and will continue to be one of the major reasons for our property’s success.”

Thank you Mr. Laughlin for your kind words! Working with Mike is easy. Email or call him at (763) 486-8247.

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