Commercial Property Accounting and Financial Reporting in Minnesota

Whether you own a single building or a portfolio of several properties, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the financial tasks associated with managing your real estate. Premier Commercial Properties can take the burden of tracking down rent and managing your expenses so you can focus on growing your portfolio.

Commercial Property Accounting Services for Building Owners

The Premier Commercial Properties team can help you manage your accounts receivable and payable for every property in your commercial portfolio. We can invoice, gather, track, and deposit all rents owed, freeing up your time to find new tenants and build your portfolio. The Premier team can also handle payment of your bills, monitor your commercial area maintenance dollars, and build an annual budget for each of your properties. 

Commercial Property Financial Reporting for Building Owners

Keep track of the financial health of your portfolio with financial reporting from Premier Commercial Properties. We report quarterly to our clients on which tenants are paying on time, which are behind on rent, and which tenants are delinquent on rent. We also provide reporting on the balances of your portfolio’s accounts so you have an idea of the profitability of your properties and can make smart decisions about when to invest in repairs and upgrades. 

Do You Have a Property to Lease or Sell?

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